In-house Design

Have a design idea but don’t have the time to execute it? No problem, our design team can bring any idea to life. You will work alongside our team to bring your ideas to life. Have an idea but feel like it’s too abstract to describe? No worries, we strive off of abstract ideas that we can bring to life. 


Let's Work Together!


To get a project rolling, we’ll need to assess what point to start at. Let us know where you want to start from; have an idea that needs executing, have a logo that needs to be recreated, have your own artwork that you would like printed on products, let's talk today!


Design rates vary based on the scope of the work and timeline. Reach out today about acquiring a quote.


Pricing depends on the number of colors in your artwork and the total quantity of products. Get a quote for the standard quantities here.

Creating custom designs. Let's chat about your project and artwork needs to make sure we customize everything to your liking.

Logo Recreation. Depending on the scope of the work, we can create estimates based on the complexity of the redesign. If we are recreating the design ourselves, there is no guarantee that the logo will look 100% like the old one. We do our best to recreate but we make no promises.

Logo Manipulation. We charge a flat $60 rate for any artwork we need to adjust in order to print on products. If you are unable to provide us with the proper file format, we can convert the art file for you and send the file back to you so you will have the proper format for future projects.


Artwork with 6+ colors can result in lesser-quality printing. The more colors there are in a design, the lower the resolution of the image. We advise to keep artwork 6 colors or less.