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Our in-house machinery makes it easy to create templates for each of our products ahead of time so when our customers are ready to order, we’re ready to hit start. Once the artwork is finalized, we’ll get your products out the door and into your hands. Nothing sells out of the backroom or in our warehouse. We know our customers need reliable suppliers and we specialize in keeping you well stocked. Keep your stores stocked up, not your backrooms.

Over the years we have done extensive research to find the best products, with the best quality, at the best price. We have visited factories in China, searched the garment district in Lima, and met face to face with each of our suppliers. We stand by the products that we create and our mission is to create products that people will love. 

With our small team and efficient systems, we are able to get your orders out quickly. We want our customers to have their products in their hands ready to sell, not waiting around for weeks for the product to arrive. Thinking about launching a product but need more time to get it ready? No problem, give us a ship date and we’ll get it over to you when you need it.

Have a design idea but don’t have the time to execute it? No problem, our design team can bring any idea to life. You will work alongside our team to bring your ideas to life. Have an idea but feel like it’s too abstract to describe? No worries, we strive off of abstract ideas that we can bring to life. 

Heard of screen printing? It’s like that but without the set up, mess, and clean up. We have an in-house printer that allows us to print designs on demand and with no minimums. We are happy to print one shirt and send you a sample for you to see the quality for yourself. Through the combination of heat, time, and pressure, we are able to press the design into any garment so you will be off and running with your custom design that same day! With the proper application, the designs will outlive the garments.